Bella Fuchsia

Bella Fuchsia® • Flowers all summer long!Flowers all summer long!

The Fuchsia is a garden plant with a rich history and distinctive flowers in various colours. Fuchsias are exceptionally grateful and will cheer up your garden all summer long! Bella Fuchsia® offers you the finest selection of Fuchsia varieties.

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Bella Fuchsia®

Fuchsias are one of the longest flowering garden plants. Our Bella Fuchsia® varieties have a compact growth and begin blooming very early in the season. Enjoy the beautiful Fuchsia flower from Spring until Autumn.

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Bella Fuchsia® assortment

Bella Fuchsia® varieties have the proud names of our breeders or the wives or daugthers names of our growers.

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Care tips

Keep your Bella Fuchsia® in a good shape by following these care tips.

  • For outside

  • Blooms from April to November

  • Fertalize 1x per 14 days

  • Moist the soil thoroughly

  • Inedible

  • Place in light to half shade


Bella Fuchsia® will be available in garden centres from spring. Do you want more information about Bella Fuchsia®? Please contact us!

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